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SportsKids MultiSports programme, primarily targeted at preschoolers aged 4 to 8 years old, focuses on the application of fundamental movement skills and the acquisition of sports specific skills.

The programme seeks to pique the children’s interest in physical activities and to build up a strong foundation in their fundamental movement skills via introductory classes to 10 selected sports with differing skill sets, making it easier for them to pick up any sport in the future. We strive to create an all inclusive and non-competitive environment so as to provide a conducive setting for the child to learn and have fun.

The participation and learning in different sports and teams will promote the development of a child's cognitive abilities as well as his/her social and emotional awareness. Apart from gaining insights into the benefits of playing sports, every child will learn to strategise and work in a team, while picking up the importance of discipline and sportsmanship that goes a long way into shaping their characters.

What differentiates us is our set of carefully curated sports used to impart major movement skills, including running, jumping, kicking, catching and throwing etc., delivered by our coaches well-versed in these sports. And as always, we have a structured lesson plan to ensure that every child get the most out of every lesson.

Target Audience

Schools / Nursery & Kindergarten

Age Group

4 years old - 8 years old

Main Learning Objective

Application of Fundamental Movement Skills & Acquisition of Sports Specific Skills

Skills Mastery

  1. 1.Athletics

  2. 2.Basketball

  3. 3.Badminton

  4. 4.Cricket

  5. 5.Floorball

  1. 6.Golf

  2. 7.Handball

  3. 8.Rugby

  4. 9.Soccer

  5. 10.Tennis