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SportsKids holiday camps present the perfect opportunity for your child to keep fit, have fun and forge new friendships!

Allow your child to partake in an unforgettable experience of outdoor fun with SportKids during the holidays, where our programmes line up typically include a myriad of activities; from lighthearted ice breakers that never fail to warm the hearts of the children, a new sport where they throw on customised team jerseys and get locked away in the game, and even to a mini masterchef session where cooking becomes a reality for them! These second-to-none adventures will literally take their breath away ~ Whether the camp is themed about health, team spirit, or simply just fun, the bottomline is, there will always be something to takeaway from every camp with us!

The core elements of our camps include:-

  1. an intensive and extensive module covering both sport skills and game rules of a selected sport; and

  2. an experience of how the actual game is played.

In all things we do, our well trained and dedicated coaches put safety as our utmost priority and making merry second. So, be reassured that your child is in good hands! Here is the place where your child will build fond memories and still look back 10 years down the road with nostalgia~

Keep the excitement brewing and stay tuned for more updates!

Target Audience

Schools & Parents

Age Group

4 years old - 8 years old

Holiday Camps

  1. 1.Badminton Camp

  2. 2.MultiSports Camp

  3. 3.Soccer & Golf Camp

  4. 4.Floorball Camp

  5. 5.Baseball Camp

  6. 6.Other Customised Camps