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SportsKids Gym Programme, primarily targeted at preschoolers aged 18 months old to 4 years old, focuses on the development and refinement of fundamental movement skills (i.e. locomotor, object control and stability skills).

SportsKids places a strong emphasis on creating a positive experience for young children to acquire these skills which includes running, jumping, throwing, balancing, etc. in a safe and assisted setting before transiting to more complex activities such as balancing on a balancing beam and attempting various gym circuits.

Exposure to this skill set at an early age aid the physical development aspect of a child’s early childhood growth and helps the child gain proficiency in his/ her fine and gross motor manipulative skills, spatial awareness, coordination, balance, flexibility, agility and sports preparation.

With a good mastery of these skills, children will be more proficient and confident to pick up sports at an older age.

What sets us apart are our fun and custom-designed activities using purpose-built, child-appropriate equipment to suit the learning capabilities of each child and a structured curriculum that has been implemented to aid the child’s progress and retention of skills.

Target Audience

Schools / Toddler & Nursery

Age Group

18 months old - 4 years old

Main Learning Objective

Development & Refinement of Fundamental Movement Skills

Skills Mastery

  1. 1.Locomotor Skills

  2. 2.Object Control Skills

  3. 3.Stability Skills