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Looking to create a memorable event for your kids at school/ at home?

Look no further! SportsKids presents you with a high-energy, age-appropriate sports and entertainment integrated service that will be the perfect way to go about it! Coupled with our expertise in events planning, we provide an all-inclusive package to help you run your day your way! Be sure that we will take the stress and exasperation of planning and execution off your shoulders, yet at the same time provide the customisation service you would want to suit your specific needs.

Depending on your requirements of the event, our one stop event management service may include the following:-

  1. sports/ tele-match games planning;

  2. theme-based activities;

  3. carnival stalls and games;

  4. well-trained and dedicated coaches;

In all things we do, we aim to create the ultimate supreme experience for your child/children. So fret not and behold an exhilarating, action-packed and fun-filled day for your child/children by making SportsKids your choice!

Target Audience

Schools & Parents

Age Group

4 years old - 12 years old


  1. 1.School Sports Day

  2. 2.School Carnival

  3. 3.Family Day

  4. 4.Team-building Event

  5. 5.Other Customised Events

  1. props and/ or equipment;

  2. Souvenirs / goodie bags;

  3. reservation of event site; and

  4. catering.